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List of Normative Reference


standard name


Industry Standard

International standard

Cathodic electrodeposition coating


HG/T 3952-2007


General technical specifications for cathodic electrodeposition coating


JB/T 10242-2013


Import of used mechanical and electrical product testing technical requirements3Part electroplating, electrolysis, electrophoresis equipment and installations


SN/T 3701.3-2013


Electrophoresis apparatus


YY/T 0087-2004


Aluminum Profiles 3Part Electrophoretic coating profiles

GB/T 5237.3-2008



Aluminum profiles with acrylic paint electrophoresis


YS/T 728-2010


Anodized aluminum profiles and anodizing electrophoresis coating technology specification

GB/T 23612-2009



Bike electrophoresis coating technology conditions


QB/T 2183-1995


General electrophoresis analysis



JIS K3812-2003

Electrophoretic paint film Preparation


HG/T 3334-2012


Aluminum and its alloys electrophoresis coating substrates Preparation


HG/T 3333-1979


Laboratory water use

GB/T 6682-2008


ISO 3696-1995

Electrophoretic paint conductivity measurement method


HG/T 3335-1977

ASTM D 4399-2005

Electrophoretic paint swimming through the force assays


HG/T 3336-1977


Electrophoretic paint deposition amount assays


HG/T 3338-1985


Electrophoretic paint Coulomb efficiency assay


HG/T 3337-1977


Determination of the fineness of the paint

GB/T 1724-1979



Determination of content of paints, varnishes and plastics non-volatile

GB/T 1725-2007


ASTM D1353-03

Paints and varnishes - Determination of pigment content

GB/T 1747.2-2008



The polyester resin coating, paints and varnishes partial acid value and total acid value




Paints and varnishes - Determination of saponification value titration

GB/T 6744-2008



Paints and varnishes - Determination of density Pyknometer




Determination of hiding power paint

GB/T 1726-1979


ISO 2814-73              ASTM D344-97

VOC Paints and varnishes(VOC)Determination by gas chromatography

GB/T 23986-2009



Paint storage stability test methods

GB/T 6753.3-1986



Paints and varnishes contain metallic paint films at20°60°85°Determination of specular gloss

GB/T 9754-2007


ISO 2813-2014            

Film flexibility assays

GB/T 1731-1993


ASTM D522-2013

Determination of impact resistance of film

GB/T 1732-1993


ASTM D2794-2010

Paints and varnishes Cross Hatch Test

GB/T 9286-1998


ISO 2409-2013         (ASTM D3359-09)

Paints and varnishes - Cupping test

GB/T 9753-2007


ISO 1520-2006

Paints and varnishes - Determination of film hardness by pencil test

GB/T 6739-2006


ISO 15184-2012

Experimental film without prints

GB/T 9273-1988



Classification of atmospheric corrosivity

GB/T 15957-1995



Paint solvent wiping assay

GB/T 23989-2009



Paints and varnishes - Determination of resistance to liquids

GB/T 9274-1988


ISO 2812-1-2007

Determination of resistance to wet heat

GB/T 1740-2007



Paints and varnishes - Determination of resistance to neutral salt spray

GB/T 1771-2007


ISO 9227-2012

Paints and varnishes on the steel surface coating filiform corrosion test

GB/T 13452.4-2008



Paints and varnishes - Artificial aging and artificial radiation exposure

GB/T 1865-2009


ISO 11341-2004

Rating Methodology Paints and varnishes coating aging

GB/T 1766-2008



Standard Test Method for Evaluation of paint samples subjected to the corrosive environment after



ASTM D1654-2008

Paint product testing, transportation and storage General


HG/T 2458-1993


General packaging coatings

GB/T 13491-1992



Paints and varnishes - Vocabulary - Part 1 generic term

GB/T 5206.1-1985



Paints and varnishes - Vocabulary - term portion of the resin

GB/T 5206.2-1986



Paints and varnishes - Vocabulary - Part III pigment term

GB/T 5206.3-1986



Paints and varnishes - Vocabulary - Part IV term physical and chemical properties of coatings and films

GB/T 5206..4-1989



Paints and varnishes - Vocabulary 5Part of coatings and films disease

GB/T 5206.5-1991



Painting technical term

GB/T 8264-2008



Safety code for painting labor safety and labor sanitation management

GB/T 7691-2003



Safety code for painting paint pretreatment process safety, ventilation and air purification

GB/T 7692-2012



Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard

GB/T 8264-2008



Air Pollutant Emission Standards

GB/T 16297-1996




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